Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Gospel in One Sentence

In the midst of constant challenges, God is never far away - SCC


慈愛天父, 伸開雙手, 希望我們回家 – Siok-Hui


永遠恩典永遠施捨,永遠愛心 - 張寧

Forgiveness of sin is not an escape of consequences, rather, it is an assurance of God that He will be there with me and give me enough love and support when I face consequences - Poshu

福音是全人類生命之光 - 林秀蓮

南門媽祖宮, 西門蘭醫生 - 陳中潔

God leads my way with grace and mercy - 林彥君

God is, therefore we are – Poshu Huang

Are you ready to meet God face to face; if not, why? - Dean Liang 

痛苦悲傷與喜樂平安之間的選擇 - 劉佳明

出日落雨是主所定, 二項攏是花木欠用 - 徐鈺定

給您爸越倒轉來! (U-Turn is encouraged!)Tân Tiong-kiat

福音是即使在苦難熬煉裡, 眼淚泛光仍深感幸福的聲音 - 何燕靜


Don't be afraid, Zechariah (Elizabeth)! Mary (Joseph)! shepherds! folks! - The Angels 


因神就是愛(疼), 所以生命中會 "疼" 的是禮物, 不 "疼" 的是恩典; 都是免費給予 - 洪碧霞


福音是戴上助聽器, 各式眼鏡, 也聽不清, 看不明; 唯有求上帝賜開屬靈的耳眼, 能尋回道, 轉向主 - Jessie   


Jesus doesn't just tell stories. He himself is a story - Frederick Buechner 


** The followings are quoted from the Christian Century Blogs Archive ** 

Once dead. Now alive. Christ reshaping people – Peter W. Marty

Everybody gets to grow and change – Lillian Daniel

Christ offers new life for all - Grant A. Wacker

God was born. We can be reborn - Carol Howard Merritt

Wisdom become flesh, spirit roars, life transformed - Leo D. Lefebure

God enters history; renewed covenants promise salvation - Max L. Stackhouse

We are the Church of Infinite Chances - Mary Karr

Divinely persistent, God really loves us - Donald W. Shriver Jr

In Christ, God's "yes" defeats our "no" - Beverly Roberts Gaventa

基督的人性促成我們的神性 - Scott Cairns  (translated by S.C.)

God, through Jesus Christ, welcomes you anyhow – Martin E. Marty

God refuses to be God without us - William H. Willimon

From impossibility to dwell in possibility - Stephanie Paulsell

In Christ, God calls all to reconciliation - Brian D. McLaren


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